SAP Yard Logistics Training | SAP Yard Logistics 2.0 Online Training | SAP Yard Logistics Online Training

SAP YL 2.0 Training | SAP Yard Logistics Training | SAP Yard Logistics Online Training

1) SAP Yard Logistics Introduction

  • Why use Yard Management?
  • The SAP solutions for Yard Management
  • Organizational Units and Structure
  • Yard Logistics Master Data

2) Graphical Yard Layout

  • Yard Layout Editor
  • Yard Cockpit

3) Check In and Check Out of Transportation Units

  • Planning in SAP Yard Logistics
  • Checking Transportation Units In and Out
  • Handling Arrival of Transportation Units at the Yard
  • Handling Departure of Transportation Units from the Yard

4) Execution of Yard Activities

  • Understanding Yard Tasks
  • Explaining Queue Management
  • Planning of Yard Activities
  • Communication with Process Participants
  • Classification of Transportation Units & Executing Measurements
  • Performing Location Determination
  • Container Handling in the Yard
  • Handling of Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Substances in the Yard
  • Performing Pick-Up Planning
  • Explaining Cross Docking

5) Yard Monitoring

  • Using the Different Tools of Yard Monitoring
  • Loading Appointment List
  • Transportation Unit Overview
  • Fire Department List
  • Alert Monitor

6) Cross Processes

  • Dock Appointment Scheduling (DAS)
  • Billing of Yard Activities
  • Uploading Transportation Units

7) Integration Capabilities

  • Integration in SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Integration in SAP Transportation Management (TM)
  • IoT Integration Scenarios
  • Exploring the Required Set Up

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