SAP TM(Transportaion Management) & EM(Event Management) Online Training

SAP TM & SAP EM is an acronym for SAP Transportaion Management & SAP Event Management.This is a component of the mySAP Supply Chain Management solution that you use for planning and optimizing supply chain processes at a strategic, tactical, and operational planning level. This is a large component of SAP's New Dimension products.


  • Introduction to ERP
  • Overview Of ERP Package
  • History Of SAP
  • SAP Architecture
  • Introduction To ABAP/4
  • Features of ABAP/4


  • Application Services
  • Additional Services
  • Central And Distribution Services
  • Interaction B/w Work Processes
  • Overview Of Work Processes


  • ABAP Program Types
  • R/3 Repository
  • Syntax Of ABAP Program
  • Statements
  • Keywords
  • Comments

Declaration Concepts

  • Data types
  • Data Objects
  • Field Strings
  • Field Symbols
  • Internal Tables

ABAP Dictionary

  • Tables
  • Data Elements And Domains
  • Handling Currency And Quantity Fields
  • Views
  • Database View
  • Projection View
  • Maintenance View
  • Help View
  • Search Help

Internal Tables

  • Index
  • Structured Internal Table
  • Standard Internal Table
  • Stored Internal Table
  • Non-index
  • Hashed Internal Table

Program Control Statement

  • If Structure
  • Case Structure
  • Loops(do, While)
  • Debugging

Modularization Techniques

  • Macros
  • Include Programs
  • Subroutines
  • Functional Modules

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