SAP SPP Online Training content

Module1: SAP SPP overview & system landscape

Module 2: Master data: Bill of Distribution, Region Pattern & Inventory Balancing Areas

Module 3: Rounding profiles & package specification

Module 4: Planning profiles, service profiles & planning service Manager

Module 5: BI dataflow for Capture-Demand

Module 6: Stocking & Destocking, Decision Replenishment Indicator & exclusion tables

Module 7: Forecast profiles and automated model selection, Tripping & tracking, Approve the forecast, Phase-in forecasting

Module 8: EOQ & safety stock planning

Module 9: DRP planning run, DRP Horizons, Lead time settings, Stability Rules, Supplier Shutdown, Product Group Procurement, Consolidated Ordering, Seasonal Safety Stock shift

Module 10: Scheduling in the DRP

Module 11: Retrieve information from the DRP matrix

Module 12: Procurement planning

Module 13: Deployment Priority Tiers and sequencing rules, Expedited shipments, Stock transfer approval

Module 14: Performing inventory balancing

Module 15: ECC Order fulfilment with GATP

Module 16: Supersession

Module 17: Use the Alert Monitor

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