SAP S4HANA Sales Training | SAP S4HANA Sales Online Training

SAP S4HANA Sales 1909 Training | SAP S4HANA Sales 1909 Online Training

SAP S4HANA SD 1909 Training  | SAP S4HANA SD 1909 Online Training

Expertsoft Training's provides SAP S4HANA Sales Online Training with certified experienced IT professionals who have more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainers have good training's experience on SAP S4HANA Sales So that best quality output will be delivered.

Our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your courses as per the schedule given Daily/Weekly at your convenience. We also allow you to record the classes from your end so that you can refers the classes once again when ever is required.

We provide the Latest Version System Access with very good speed and 24*7 Support as well as. We provide classes through online by using Goto Meetings and WebEx Systems. We also give Interview support & Technical support. We satisfied 1000's of Customers from different locations USA, UK, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Europe, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Cannada, Mexico, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Tukey, Russia, China . We trouble shoot your problems while you are working we address yours questions during the Online SAP S4HANA Sales Training even after the course completion.

SAP S4HANA Sales Course Content

1) Introduction to SAP HANA

1. SAP In-Memory Strategy

2. Architecture Overview

3. Row Store

4. Column Store

5. CDS Views

2) SAP S4HANA Introduction

1. SAP S/4HANA Road Map

2. Benefits of SAP S/4HANA from Business Perspective

3. Ways from Business Suite to SAP S4HANA

4. Deloyment Options (On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid)

3) Introduction to SAP Activate Methdology

1. System Coversion

2. Landscape Transformation

3. New Implementation

4) SAP Fiori for Functional

1. Overview of SAP Fiori Apps Related to SD

2. Innovations in Fiori for Sales & Distribution

3. Generate New Tiles for a Custom/Standard TCode

5) Innovation in Master Data

1. Material Master

2. Material Type

3. MRP Fields in the Material Master

4. About Simplified Product Master Table

5. Customer Master (Business Partner Approach)

6) Simplified Data Model

1. Sales

2. Delivery

3. Billing

7) Simplifications in Pricing

1. Condition Type

2. Pricing Procedure

3. Condition Records

8) Minor Deprecations

1. Sales

2. Delivery

3. Billing

9) Innovation in MRP

1. Changes in MRP Run, New Transaction to run MRP

10) Innovations in Credit Management

1. Configuration of Credit Management in FSCM

11) Innovations in Output Message Determation

1. Output Determination using BRF+

12) Innovations in Available To Promise (ATP)

13) Revenue Accounting and Reporting

14) Settlement Management (Rebate)

15) Simplification in Valuation

16) Foreign Trade & GTS

17) Migrations


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