SAP S4HANA PS Training | SAP S4HANA PS Online Training

SAP S4HANA PS 1909 Training | SAP S4HANA Project Systems Online Training

SAP S4HANA Project Systems Training | SAP S4HANA PS 1909 Online Training


SAP S4HANA Project Systems 1909 Course Content


1) SAP S4HANA PS 1909 Introduction

     A) Introduction to SAP S4HANA & PS

     B) Understanding SAP S/4HANA PS Based Fiori Apps

     C) Understanding SAP Business Client

     D) Describing Project Management with SAP S4HANA EPPM

     E) Project Management with SAP S4HANA Project Systems

     F) Improved Project Management of Complex Projects

     G) Smart Cross Business Entity with Contextual Navigation

     H) Current Reference Document - Simplification List for SAP S/4HANA 1809 Feature Pack Stack02 & SAP S/4HANA 1909.

     I) Each Simplification Item will Provide the Following Information : Description, Business Impact & Recommendations & SAP Notes (For Related Pre-Checks or Custom Code Checks) 

2) SAP CDS Views provides the Master Data Details of Operative & Versioned Project Systems Entities

     A) Introduction to SAP Project System (SAP PS) Structures

  • Identifying Requirements for Structures in the SAP Project System (SAP PS)

     B) Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

  • Customizing WBS
  • Defining User Fields & Interface Settings
  • Using Multilingual Settings & Access Control Lists
  • Creating Operative Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
  • Maintaing Operative Wrok Breakdown Structures
  • Creating Standard Work Breakdown Structures

     C) Acitivites & Networks

  • Customizing Networks
  • Maintaining Networks & Acitivites
  • Using Milestones in Networks
  • Creating Standard Networks

      D) Project & Simulation Versions

  • Creating & Transferring Simulation Versions
  • Creating Project Versions

      E) Project Validation & Substitution

  • Creating Project Validation
  • Creating Project Substitution

 3) SAP Project System - Planning

       A) Project Structures

  • Creating Project Structures

       B) Functions & Types of Scheduling

  • Scheduling Dates of WBS Elements
  • Performing Scheduling of Network & Activites
  • Customizing in Time Scheduling
  • Scheduling Activities
  • Scheduling Constraints & Dependencies in Networks
  • Setting Actual Dates for WBS Elements & Activities

       C) Project Capacities

  • Processing Internal Activities
  • Analysis Internal Activities & Capacity Requirements
  • Generating Capacity Requirements
  • Executing Capacity Analyses for Projects & Work Centres
  • Processing Confirmations & Triggering a Workflow for Variances

       D) External Activities

  • Executing Services for Externally Processed Activites
  • Using Workflows in the Project System
  • Integration Service Activites

       E) Project Materials

  • Assigning Material Components to Network Manually
  • Assigning Material Components to Activites Automatically
  • Maintaining the Field Selection for Material Components
  • Searching for Materials using Enhanced Features & Functions
  • Processing Material Procurement
  • Creating a Third-Party Requistion for Non-Stock Items
  • Executing an In-House Production Process
  • Processing Preliminary Requirements in Projects
  • Grouping Material Requirements
  • Using Material Assmblies
  • Performing a Material Availability Check
  • Generation Deliveries for the Shipping of Assemblies

       F) Planned Costs

  • Performing Configuration Settings for Cost Planning
  • Performing Direct Cost Planning Using WBS Elements
  • Performing Easy Cost Planning
  • Performing Cost Planning of Dependent Objects
  • Performing Cost Planning in Networks
  • Performing Cost Planning of Internal Activities
  • Performing Cost Planning of External Activities and Costing Activities
  • Performing Overhead Calculations
  • Performing Activity-Based Costing (ABC)

       G) Planned Revenues

  • Performing Revenue Planning
  • Assigning Accounts for Sales Documents
  • Performing Sales Pricing & Creating a Sales Order

       H) Budgeting

  • Performing Budgeting Functions
  • Configuring Budgeting Functions

4) Project Execution

       A) Actual Costs

  • Executing a Project
  • Executing Projects Using Activity Confirmation & Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS)
  • Performing Internal Activities

       B) Materials

  • Assigning Material Components to a Project
  • Processing Material Requirements
  • Performing the Purchasing Process
  • Performing Production Processing for an Assembly Order

       C) Actual Revenue

  • Describing Billing Methods & Controls
  • Performing Milestone Billing with Down Payments
  • Performing Resource - Related 

5) Performing Procedures for Period-End Costing, Fiori Based Project Reports & Standard Tables

        A) Period-End Closing

  • Using the Process Analysis Workbench to Monitor & Evaluate the Project Schedule
  • Performing Results Analysis
  • Executing a Settlement
  • Fiori Based Reports
  • Structure/Project Structure Overview
  • Individual Overview
  • Hierarchy Reports
  • Cost Element Reports
  • Line Item Reports
  • Purchase Requistion 
  • Purchase for the Projects
  • Materials Reports
  • ECC to S4HANA by Migration Cockpit Method




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