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SAP S4HANA PPDS | Advanced Planning Course Content

1) SAP Production Planning Functions in S4HANA

  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Multilevel Planning
  • Material Planning and Capacity Planning
  • Production Planning Runs

2) SAP S4HANA Advanced Production Planning with PP/DS

  • Finite Requirement Planning
  • Finite planning as Multi-step Procedure
  • Planned Material Flow
  • Multi Resource Planning

3) Master Data required in SAP PPDS

  • Products
  • Resources
  • Production Data structures
  • Lot size settings

4) Basic functions of Production Planning

  • Requirements Strategies
  • Planning Procedures
  • Determining the Supply Sources
  • Scheduling Types
  • Pegging Types

5) Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning

  • MRP Live
  • Resource with Enhanced UI
  • Easy Load Distribution of Resources
  • Order Distribution with equivalent Source of Supplies.

6) Tools to Evaluate and Process Planning

  • Order Views
  • Product Planning Table
  • Product Overview
  • Detailed Scheduling Planning Board
  • Resource Planning Table
  • SAP PP/DS Optimizer

7) Advanced Processes in APO – PP/DS

  • Setup Optimal Sequencing with PP/DS Optimizer
  • Capable – To – Promise (CTP)

8) Different Types of Heuristics

  • Product Heuristics
  • Heuristics for Flow Control
  • Service Heuristics

9) Re – Written CIF Story

  • CIF Integration
  • The Principle of QRFC
  • Tools for Troubleshooting Transfer Errors
  • One Step for all Transactional Data update

10) Different Types of Data transfers

  • Types of Data transfers
  • Pre-Requisites for the Data transfer
  • Eliminating the Transfer Errors

11) Evaluation of Tools used for Interactive Planning

  • The Configuration required along with its Pre-requisites
  • The different Graphical Options and How can they be used for more Interactive Screens

12) Enhancing the Planning Aspects by CTP. ( Capable To Promise)

  • Overview of CTP

13) Case studies with Real time Scenarios

  • Detailed study of Different Methods in PP/DS
  • Understanding the Challenges in implementing the each Method


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