SAP S4HANA MDG Training | SAP S4HANA MDG Online Training

 SAP S4HANA MDG 1909 Training | SAP S4HANA MDG 1909 Online Training

1) SAP MDG Introduction

1. Describe the purpose of SAP MDG

2. Architecture Overview

3. Deployment Options (HUB vs Co-Deployed)

4. Flex Vs Re-use

5. SAP MDG Process Flow Demo in System

6. Master Data Domains Overview

  • Finance
  • Supplier
  • Material
  • Customer
  • Business Partner

2) SAP MDG Data Modelling

1. Entity type (Type1,2,3 & 4 Entities)

2. Attributes

3. Entity Relationship Types

4. Extending Data Model

5. GENIL Structures & Link to GENIL

6. Data Model Specific Structures

7. Extend Mappings (SMT)

8. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • Enhance Standard Data Models – MM, BP, Etc - Create a New Attribute/Entity
  • Standard Data Model Expose the Field in UI & Perform SMT Mapping
  • Save the New Attribute Data in Backend

3) Process Modelling

1. Change Request Types

2. Change Request status

3. Business Activity

4. Activate Type Linkage

6. Master Data Governance API

7. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • Enhance Standard CR
  • Create Custom CR

4) SAP MDG UI Modelling

1. Floor Plan Manger (FPM) Basics

2. Linking FPM with MDG

3. UI per Workflow Step

4. Configuring the UI as per User Defined Criteria

5. BADIs for Modeling

6. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • Create a New Search Application (FPM Basics)
  • Create a New Overview Page (FPM Basics)
  • Enhance Standard UIs (Context Based Adaption)
  • Hide Fields/Making Fields Mandatory/Making Fields Read Only Depending on Role

5) Workflow Modelling

1. BADIs for UI Modelling Workflow Modelling

2. Business Workflow Basics

3. Rule Based Workflow (RBWF)

4. Create Change Requests, Step Types, Actions and Link to RBWF

5. Linking Rule-Based Workflow to MDG

6. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • Execise on Rule Based Workflow using BADIs
  • Workflow Routing Based on Data Populated in UI
  • Setting up Email Notification

6) Search and Duplicate Check

1. ESH Cockpit

2. HANA Search

3. DB Search

4. ADR Search

5. Duplicate Check Configuration

6. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • HANA Search Exercise
  • Setting up Duplicate Check for Standard Object

7) Validations and Derivations

1. BRF+ Basics

2. Validations and Derivations using ABAP BADI

3. Cross Entity Derivation using ABAP BADI

4. Using BRF+ decision tables in Workflow Resources

5. Agent/Non-Agent Determation

6. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • Create Custom BRF+Vvalidations/Derivations
  • Create a Workflow using BRF+

8) Data Replication & Import

1. ALE & IDOCs Basics

2. Data Replication Framework (DRF - Key Mapping & Harmonized Scenarios)

3. Manual & Automatic Replication & Import

4. Data Import using XML(For BP/Materials)

5. Mass Change & Upload

6. Hands-on Exercises

  • IMG
  • DRF – Replicate 1 Standard and 1Custom IDOC each
  • DIF – Import 1 Excel & 1 XML File each
  • Mass Change

9) SAP MDG on S4HANA with FIORI Apps

1. Describe the Advantages of running SAP on S4HANA /Latest Updates

2. Architecture of S4HANA on MDG

3. Data Migration from ECC to S4HANA Overview

4. Master Data Consolidation Overview (FIORI Apps Demo)

5. Master Data Quality Evalution Overview (FIORI Apps Walkthrough)

10) Business Process Configurations

1. Materials Configuration in Detail (Step by Step Explaination)

2. Business Partner Configuration Details Configuration (Step by Step Explaination)

3. Customer Vendor Integration Overview

11) SAP MDG Project Implementation

1. Creating a Custom Data Model in MDG (New Entity Type and Relations)

2. Creating a Custom Change Request for the New Data Model

3. Configuring a Workflow for the New Data Model

4. Creating a New User Interface for the Custom Data Model

5. Creating New Roles for MDG

6. Creating New Authorization Objects and Assigning to Roles

7. Linking Change Request UIs to NWBC

8. Implement atleast 1Custom Master Data Entity End to End from search to Replicate



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