SAP S4HANA Group Reporting Training | SAP S4HANA Group Reporting Online Training

SAP S4HANA Group Reporting 2021 Training | SAP S4HANA Group Reporting Corporate Training

SAP S4HANA Group Reporting 2022 Training | SAP S4HANA Group Reporting Online Training 

SAP S4HANA Group Reporting Training Content

Module 1: Business Consolidation with SAP Group Reporting Overview

Topic 1: Describing the Key Terms, Features & Architecture

Topic 2: Running Consolidation Tasks

Exercise 1: Perform Month End Closing

Module 2: Master Data and Structures

Topic 1: Describing the Structures

Topic 2: Explaining Ledgers, versions & Architecture

Topic 3 - Managing Consolidation Groups & Units

Exercise 2: Create Consolidation Groups and Units

Topic 4: Module Hierarchies for Group Reporting

Exercise 3: Create and Upload Consolidation Hierarchies

Topic 5: Configuring Additional Master Data

Topic 6: Managing Breakdown Categories, Subitems

Topic 7: Managing FS Items Account Master Data

Exercise 4: Maintain FS Items and Map to G/L Accounts

Module 3: Data Preparation

Topic 1: Consolidating Financial Data

Topic 2: Releasing Data

Exercise 5: Release data from S/4HANA Accounting

Topic 3: Uploading Reported Financial data

Exercise 6: Upload Reported Financial Data

Topic 4: Configuring Data Validation

Exercise 7: Configure and Run Validation

Topic 5: Describing Document Types and Posting

Topic 6: Working with Group Journal Entries, Selected items, Validation and Substitution

Exercise 8: Use Journal Validation & Substitution

Topic 7: Reclassifying Data

Exercise 9: Configure and Run a Reclassification

Topic 8: Designing Non-Historic Currency Translation

Exercise 10: Configure Currency Translation for Non-Historic Items

Topic 9: Designing Historic & Income Currency Translation

Exercise 11: Configure Currency Translation for Historic and Income Related Items

Module 4: Consolidations and Eliminations

Topic 1: Reviewing Intercompany Matching and Reconciliation

Exercise 12: Match and Reconcile Consolidation Units

Topic 2: Implementing Intercompany and Matrix Eliminations

Exercise 13: Eliminate Intercompany Receivables and Payables

Exercise 14: Eliminate Intercompany Revenue and Cost

Exercise 15: Analyze Matrix Revenue and Cost Eliminations

Exercise 16: Eliminate Profit on Inventory

Topic 3: Explaining the Rule Based Method

Exercise 17: Run Consolidation of Investments

Module 5: Reporting, Planning, and Balance Carryforward

Topic 1: Configuring Balance Carryforward

Exercise 18: Configure and Run Balance Carryforward

Topic 2: Using Report Logic and Reporting Rules

Exercise 19: Use Reporting Rules to Analyze Financial Data

Topic 3: Planning

Exercise 20: Integrated Planning







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