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1) Organisation Structure in SAP S4HANA

  • Define Company
  • Define Company Codes
  • Create New Company Code By Copying Existing Company Codes 
  • Assign Company Code To Company 
  • Define Functional Area 
  • .Define Credit Control 
  • Assign Company Code To Credit Control

2) SAP S4HANA Financial Accounting Global Settings

  • Maintain Fiscal Year Variant 
  • Assign Company Code To Fiscal Year Variant 
  • Define Variants For Open Posting Period 
  • Open And Close Posting Period
  • Assign Posting Period Variant To Company Code 
  • Define Field Status Variants
  • Assign Company Code To Field Status Variants
  • Define Posting Keys
  • Define Document Types 
  • Define Document Number Ranges
  • Define Tolerance Group For Employees
  • Define Tolerance Group For G/L Acccounts
  • Assign Users To Tolerance Group 
  • Global Parameters For Company Code 
  • Define Additional Local Currencies For Company Code

3) General Ledger  in SAP S4HANA

  • Define Chart Of Accounts
  • Assign Company Code To Chart Of Accounts
  • Define Account Groups
  • Define Retained Earnings Account

4) SAP S4HANA Business Partner

  • Business Partner Settings Complete Configuration
  • Linking Between Vendor And Business Partner
  • Creating Different Roles And Groups
  • Define Number Ranges For Business Partner

5) Accounts Payable in SAP S4HANA

  • Create Vendor Account Groups
  • Create Number Ranges To Vendor Accounts
  • Assign The Number Ranges To Vendor Account Groups
  • Define Tolerance Groups For Vendors
  • Vendor Payment Terms
  • Automatic Payment Program

6) Accounts Receivable in SAP S4HANA

  • Create Customer Account Groups
  • Create Number Ranges For Customer Accounts
  • Assign The Number Ranges To Customer Account Groups
  • Define Tolerance Groups For Customer
  • Customer Payment Terms
  • Dunning Procedure Configuration

7) Asset Accounting in SAP S4HANA

  • Chart Of Depreciation
  • Assign Chart Of Depreciation To Company Code 
  • Specifiy Account Determination
  • Create Screen Layout Rules
  • Maintain Asset Number Ranges
  • Define Asset Classes
  • Determine Depreciation Area In Asset Class
  • Assignment Of General Ledger Accounts
  • Define Screen Layout For Asset Master Data
  • Define Screen Layout For Asset Depreciation Area
  • Maintain Depreciation Key

8) Bank Accounting in SAP S4HANA

  • Create Bank Key 
  • Define House Bank

9) SAP S4HANA Withholding Tax Configuration

  • Withholding Tax Types 
  • Withholding Tax Codes
  • Company Code Assignment 
  • Define Accounts For Posting

10) System Landscape Overview

  • Client Introduction
  • TR Movement System

11) Validation And Substitutions

  • Writing Formulas
  • Creating Sets

12) Basic Understanding Of Tables

13) Integration Points

  • FI-MM
  • FI-SD
  • FI-CO

14) Costing Center Accounting

  • Master Data Creation
  • Controlling Area Setup 
  • Activity Types
  • Statistical Key Figures
  • Planning

15) Internal Orders

  • Master Data Creation
  • Planning

16) Profit Center Accounting

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data Creation

17) Closing

  • Carryforward
  • Asset Year Close
  • Controlling Year Close 
  • Any Other Additional Activities

18) Introduction Of Fiori

  • Basics Of Fiori
  • How Fiori Works
  • Types Of Fiori

19) Foreign Currency Valulation

  • Define Valuation Areas 
  • Maintain The GL For Posting

 20) New GL

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