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SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (BRIM)

Subscription Order Management (SOM)

1) Subscription Order Management within SAP Hybris Billing

2) Master Data : Business Partner & Contract Account 

  • Create a Business Partner
  • Create a Contract Account

3) Subscription Order, Subscription Contracts & Order Distribution

  • Create a Subscription Order
  • Browse Subscription Contract Customizing
  • Technical Resources Customizing
  • Subcription Contract Customizing

4) Product Setup & Configuration & Pricing for Subscriptions Items

  • Browse the Product Master Data & Configuration

5) Subscription Contract Changes and Mass Runs

  • Conduct Configuration Change & Cancellation
  • Browse the Customizing of Change Processes

6) Master Agreement

  • Create a Master Agreement

7) Integration Into SAP Hybris Billing Charging

  • No Exercises

8) Integration Into Convergent Invoicing

  • No Exercises


Addidtion Topic Part of 2020

  • Recurring Fees in SAP CC
  • Auto Renewal
  • Bill Plan in Convergent Integration
  • Device as a Service (DaaS)
  • Contract Changes with Payment in Advance


Convergent Charging (CC)

1) Introduction       

  • No Exercises

2) Core Tool

  • Create a catalog

3) Service Subscriptionrf' Master Data

  • Create a chargeble Item Class
  • Create a charge
  • Use Rating Components
  • Use the Translation Table
  • Use the Mapping Table
  • Use the Range Table
  • Use a Pricing Macro
  • Create a charge Plan
  • Implement a charging Plan
  • Create Allowance Logic and Plan

4) Architecture and Integration

  • No Excercises

5) Web Services and Java APIs

  • Create a Subscriber Account
  • Read a Subscriber Account
  • Create a Subscription Contract
  • Search for a Subscription Contract

6) Charging Inputs and outputs

  • Create a charged item Class
  • Set up the charged item Mapping in the charge Plan

Convergent Invocing (CI)

1) Introduction in Billing for High Volume Industries

  • No Excercises

2) Master Data/FI-CA Basics

  • Change Contract Account Master Data
  • Create a Posting Document 

3) Billable Items Management

  • Create a New Billable item Class
  • Create Billable items as Test Data for Contract Account CA##

4) Billing Process

  • Execute the Billing Process
  • Configure Billing Process

5) Invoicing Process

  • Excute the Invoicing Process
  • Configure the Invoicing Process
  • Reverse Invoicing and Billing Process

6) Invoice Functions

  • Create a Collective Invoice
  • Run the Invoicing Process for Payment Card Handling
  • Create a Clarification case for Billing Document and Invoicing Process

7) Invoice Printing

  • Print an invoice for Contract Account CA##

8) Integration SD Invoice into convergent Invoicing

  • Convergent Invoicing of sales and Distribution Billing Documents

9) Optional : Convergent Invoicing Triggered Rating

  • Master Data Subscription Contract in FI-CA
  • Manually Create and change Consumption Items
  • Excute Rating Process
  • Generate a New Consumption Item Class

10) Optional : Master Agreement and complex Discounting

  • Analyze Master Agreement Related Constracts
  • Enhance Master Agreement with invoice Agreement
  • Enhance Master Agreement with discount Agreement







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