SAP ISU-CCS Online Training

The SAP IS-U CCS ( SAP IS Utilities Customer Care and Serviecs) is a Industry Solution from SAP which address the needs of a customer oriented utility company. In the next pages we'll refer to SAP for Utilities Industry Solution simply as IS-U or CCS. Along with standard SAP R/3, SAP has provided solutions that cater to the special demands of a particular Industry and are seamlessly integrated with the components of standard SAP.

e.g. A equipment defined in standard SAP R/3 PM can be used while creating a device in SAP IS-U. These are called Industry Specific solutions. SAP IS-U/CCS component is a Sales & Information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company. The core IS-U/CCS application is a consumption billing system that valuates measured and flat rate consumption and services. Though Services (but not consumption) can also be billed and invoiced using standard Sales & Distribution(SD).

SAP ISU Master Data Over view

Regional Structures

  • Purpose of regional structure
  • Postal Regional structure
  • Political Regional structure
  • Company Regional structure
  • Dependencies of Regional structures


Schedule Master Record

  • Parameter Record
  • Portion
  • Meter reading unit
  • Creation of the above

Business Master Data

  • Business Partner
  • Contract account
  • Contract
  • Creation of Business master data

Technical Master data

  • Connection Object
  • Premise
  • Installation
  • Creation of Technical master data

Device Installation

  • Technical Installation of the Device
  • Billing related installation of the Device
  • Full installation of the Device

Move-in & Move-out

  • Move-in Introduction
  • Move-in Business scenario
  • Move-in Processing
  • Changes to contract data during Move-in
  • Allocation of Contract to installation

CIC Configuration

  • CIC Terminology
  • CIC Profile: Framework and Compnents
  • CIC Customizing: Create Framework
  • CIC Visible Compnents
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Visible compnents to slots
  • CIC Hidden Components
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Hidden components to slots
  • CIC Customizing: Assign Framework and Component profiles in the CIC profile
  • CIC Customizing: Assign CIC Profile to an organizational level in organization management
  • Organizational Plan
  • CIC Organizational Structure
  • Allocate the CIC Profile in the Organizational Plan
  • Assigning a CIC Profile to a user id
  • Starting the CIC.

Navigation and Application Area

  • IS-U Navigator Structure
  • Customizing Navigation Area
  • Data Environment for the Navigation Area
  • Customizing Navigation Area: Context Menu
  • Data and Documents in the Navigation Area
  • CIC Application Area
  • Customizing Application Area
  • Defining HTML Calls
  • HTML Configuration
  • Customer Overview
  • Customer Contact

Front Office Process

  • Definition
  • Example
  • Data flow of front office processes
  • Data Export and Data Import
  • Action Box Call: Data flow
  • Data flow clipboard
  • Data flow Context Menu

Disconnection/ Reconnection

  • Business Scenario
  • Process of Disconnection and Reconnection
  • Disconnection Triggers
  • Disconnection Document and Reference object
  • Disconnection Document Component
  • Confirm Disconnection Order
  • Contract Specific Disconnection
  • Create Disconnection Document: Example
  • Customizing Processing Variant

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