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 SAP Information Steward Training

Cleansing Package Bulider

1) Introduction to Cleansing Package Builder

2) How to use Cleansing Package Builder

3) Creating a Custom Cleansing Package

4) Publishing a Cleansing Package

5) Migrating a Cleansing Package

6) Modifying a Custom Cleansing Package

7) How to use Cleansing Package Builder in BODS

8) Real Time Project and Scenarios

Data Insight

1) Creating connections in Data Insight

2) Creating a project in Data Insight

3) Creating validation rules in Data Insight

4) Importing table metadata in Data Insight

5) Importing file metadata in Data Insight

6) Deleting objects in Data Insight

7) Creating rule bindings in Data Insight

8) Creating complex validation rules in Data Insight

9) Calculating the score and viewing results in Data Insight

10) Managing tasks in Data Insight

11) Managing users and groups in Data Insight

12) Performing address profiling in Data Insight

13) Performing column profiling in Data Insight

14) Performing dependency profiling in Data Insight

15) Performing redundancy profiling in Data Insight

16) Performing uniqueness profiling in Data Insight

17) Setting up a scorecard in Data Insight

18) Creating a view in Data Insight

19) Creating a view using group by in Data Insight

20) Creating a view with outer join in Data Insight

21) How to set up EMail Notifications

22) How to export code to other Environments.

23) Real Time Project and Scenarios



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