SAP IBP Training | SAP IBP Cloud Training | SAP IBP Online Training

SAP IBP Training | SAP IBP Cloud Training

1) SAP IBP Overview

Topic 1: Introduction to SAP Integrated Business Planning

Topic 2: Modules Overview

Topic 3: The SAP Fiori Launchpad

Topic 4: Install Add-in for Excel

Topic 5: Planning with Excel

Topic 6: Introduction to IBP Demand

Topic 7: Introduction to IBP Inventory

Topic 8: Introduction to IBP for Supply and Response

Topic 9: Analytics and Dashboards

2) SAP IBP Basic Configuration

Topic 1: Creating an Attribute

Topic 2: Creating Master Data Types

Topic 3: Creating a Time Profile

Topic 4: Creating a Planning Area

Topic 5: Creating a Planning Area

Topic 6: Creating a Key Figure

Topic 7: Writing a Key Figure Calculation

Topic 8: Creating a Version

Topic 9: Creating a Reason Code

Topic 10: Import Data Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI

Topic 11: Creating a Microsoft Excel Template and Favorite

Topic 12: Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in SAP Integrated

Topic 13: Copy Planning area

Topic 14: Currency Conversion

Topic 15: UOM Conversion

Topic 16: Attribute Transformation

Topic 17: Planning Operators

Topic 18: EPM formatting

3) SAP IBP for S&OP

Topic 1: IBP S&OP Process Overview

Topic 2: IBP S&OP Configuration

Topic 3: Statistical Forecasting

Topic 4: Simulation

Topic 5: Consensus Demand generation

Topic 6: Supply Heuristics

Topic 7: Build a Case study

4) SAP IBP for Demand

Topic 1: Process Overview

Topic 2: Configuration of Planning area

Topic 3: Data Preparation

Topic 4: Data Cleansing Approach

Topic 5: Statistical forecasting

Topic 6: Market Input

Topic 7: Demand Sensing Scenarios

Topic 8: Modelling demand Sensing

Topic 9: Execution and calculation for Demand sensing

Topic 10: Adjustment to demand sensing results

Topic 11: Build a model for case study

5) SAP IBP Supply Planning

Topic 1: Supply Planning Process

Topic 2: Supply Chain Network

Topic 3: Master Data Requirements

Topic 4: Transactional Data Requirements

Topic 5: Check Mode and S&OP Heuristics set up

Topic 6: Generating unconstrained supply run

Topic 7: Creating Supply Planning Views

Topic 8: Working with EPM Formatting

Topic 9: Generating Customer Quota through Forecast

Topic 10: How to work with Adjusted KFs?

Topic 11: Local Members

6) SAP IBP Supply Chain Control Tower

Topic 1: Process Overview

Topic 2: Modelling for Supply chain control tower

Topic 3: Supply Chain Control Tower KPIs

Topic 4: Dashboards and Analytics

Topic 5: Alerts

Topic 6: Case Management

Topic 7: Build a case Study

7) SAP HCI Integration

Topic 1: Process Overview

Topic 2: Checking the pre-requisites/ Installed components

Topic 3: Modelling/mapping for Data Integration

Topic 4: Data Transfer

Topic 5: Analyzing the data Transfer objects

Topic 6: Error handling


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