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SAP GTS Training | SAP GTS 11 Training | SAP GTS 11 Online Training

   Module1: SAP GTS Overview

      Topic1: GTS Introduction

      Topic2: GTS landscape

      Topic3: Organization Structure

      Topic4: Introduce GTS Services / Legal Regulations

      Topic5: Integration between ECC and GTS

   Module2: Integration Overview

      Toipc1: SAP Modules Overview

      Toipc2: Materials Management

      Toipc3: Sales and Distribution

      Topic4: Financial Accounting

   Module3: Compliance Management

      Topic1: Sanctioned Party List Screening

         A) Partners - Master data transfers and maintenance

         B) Denied parties uploads and manual maintenance

         C) Business Partner Screening such as Customers, Vendors, Banks, Employees, etc

         D) Transactions Screening - Sales Orders, Deliveries, Purchase Orders, Inbound Deliveries, etc

         E) Periodic Jobs and day-to-day activities for business operations.

         F) Integration with Denied party data providers (eg: MK Data)

         G) Standard Reporting

      Topic2: Embargo Screening      

         A) Master Data Screeng such as Customers, Vendors, Banks, Employees, etc

         B) Transactions Screening - Sales Orders, Deliveries, Purchase Orders, Inbound Deliveries, etc

         C) Standard Reporting

      Topic3: Legal Control-Import / Export Licensing      

         A) Material master transfer & maintenance

         B) Setup & Maintain Import/Export Codes (ECCN/ICCN)

         C) Setup & Maintain License Types

         D) Maintain License determination rules

         E) Auto License determination and manually license application

         F) Standard Reporting

   Module4: Customs Management

      Topic1: Product Classification

         A) Setup and maintain Harmonized Tarrif Codes

         B) Setup & maintain Other Gov. Agcy. Codes

         C) Material Classifications

         D) Maintain OGA Codes (For US Only)

      Topic2: Imposrt Declarations

         A) Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview

         B) Import: CF3461 Immediate Entry (US)

         C) Import: Pre-Declaration (ISF), etc. (US)

      Topic3: Export Declarations

         A) Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview

         B) Topic2: AES - Automated Systems Environment (US)

         C) SED/SLI - Manual (US)

   Module5: Risk Management

      Topic1: Letter of Credit Processing

         A) Document Processing

         B) Determination Strategy

      Topic2: Preference Processing

         A) Preference Rules

         B) Rules of Origin

   Module6: Intrastat Reporting (ECR)

      Topic1: Manage Declarations

      Topic2: Maintain Provider of Information

      Topic3: Combine Declarations according to each VAT (POI) and Generate an Outbound File


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