SAP FICO Online Training

SAP FICO refers to Finance (FI) & Controlling (CO) and is an important core modules used to review and monitor the financial situation of an organization. By using FICO, you can analyze the operational informations of the company by generating and scheduling financial reports and can also help uncover solutions for accounting requirements. SAP FI represents the financials aspects while SAP CO manages the Managerials and Cost Controlling aspects.

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Enterprise / Organization Structure

  • Company
  • Company Codes
  • Business Areas
  • Purchasing Org and Assignment
  • Sales Org, Dist Channels, Divisions and Assignments
  • Sales Ares, Sales Office, Sales Grp
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Account Groups
  • G/L Accounts

Basic Settings

  • Fiscal year Variant
  • Open & Closing Posting Periods
  • Field Status Variant

General Ledger

  • Document Types/Structure
  • Number Ranges
  • Posting keys
  • General Postings
  • Parking a Document
  • Holding a Document
  • Reversal of Documents
  • Reference Documents
  • Account Balances
  • Reports

Accounts Receivable

  • Configuring the Receivable Document
  • Defining the Posting keys
  • Defining Receivable Accounts. Master Records
  • Reconciliation
  • Invoice General
  • Posting Incoming Payments
  • Tolerance
  • Taxes on Sales & Purchases
  • Down Payments
  • Special G/l Accounts
  • Correspondence to Customer
  • Differences Payment Differences, Automatic Posting Payments Terms & Holds Age Payments
  • Reports

Accounts Payable

  • Configuring the Payable Documents
  • Defining Posting Keys
  • Master Records
  • Reconciliation's
  • Tolerances
  • Payment Terms
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Difference in Payments
  • Special G/L Accounts
  • Down Payments
  • Correspondences to Vendors
  • House Banks
  • Manual Clearance through Cheques
  • Reports

Configuration of Interest Calculations

Configuration of Taxes on Sales and Purchases

Configuration of Cash Journal

Bank Reconciliation

Configuration of Financial Statement version

Exchange Rate Entries and revaluation

Asset Accounting

  • Chart of depreciation
  • Account determination
  • Screen layout
  • Asset classes
  • Integration with FI
  • Depreciation methods
  • Depreciation keys
  • Asset master
  • Sub Asset Master
  • Asset report
  • Depreciation run
  • Sale of asset
  • Transfer of asset
  • Scrapping of asset
  • Capital work in progress


  • Controlling Area Definition
  • Version Maintenances
  • Number Ranges
  • Activate Components
  • Cost Element Accountings
  • Cost Elements Definition
  • Reconciliation Ledger
  • Accrual Calculation

Cost Center Accounting

  • Definition of Cost Center
  • Planning and Actual Postings
  • Definition of Activity Types and Stastical Figures
  • Allocation and Appointment
  • Information Systems

Internal Orders

  • Master Records Creation
  • Order Types
  • Orders
  • Plan and Actual Postings
  • Budget Profile
  • Information Systems

Profit Center Accounting

  • Basic Settings
  • Master Data
  • Assignments to Profit Centers
  • Plan and Actual Postings
  • Information Systems

Profitability Analysis (Overview only)

Product Cost Controlling (Overview only)

Closing Period

  • Financial Statements
  • Versions Regrouping
  • Month and Year End Activities


  • Integration With MM
  • Integration With SD
  • Integration with CO
  • Intergration with Asset Accounting

COPA and Product Costing

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

  • Operation concern
  • Profitability segments
  • Assignment of controlling area to operating
  • Activate profitability analysis
  • Mapping of conditions to coop values
  • Drill down report
  • Report Painter

Product Costing

  • Creation of Secondary Cost Element
  • Active Type
  • Price Calculation
  • Work Centre
  • Overhead Keys
  • Routing
  • Cost Sheet Variant
  • Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure

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