SAP EWM(Extended Warehouse Management) Online Training

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1) EWM Structure

  • Organizational Units inEWM

2) Master Data

  • Master Data creation
  • CIF
  • Issues and CIF debugging
  • BADIs in CIF

3) Integration

  • Basic ERP and EWM Integration
  • Delivery Document Integration

4) Structural Elements and Master Data

  • EWM Structural Elements
  • APO Core Interface
  • EWM Master Data

5) Warehouse Monitor

  • Configuring warehouse Monitor
  • EGF and how to use

6) RF Frame work

  • How to use RF Framework
  • Developing new screens in RF
  • Layout Oriented Storage Control
  • ITS mobiles and how to create templates for different mobile devices

7) Goods Receipt and Inbound Process

  • Goods Receipt Process Overview
  • Goods receipt Using EWM
  • ERP and EWM documents
  • Expected Goods Receipt
  • Slotting
  • Availability Groups for Inventory Management
  • Goods Receipt Process Overview
  • Put-away Process
  • Direct Put away Configuration
  • Put away Rules and Strategies
  • Capacity Checking
  • Process Oriented Storage Control
  • Packing HU management Pack specification
  • Deconsolidation
  • EGR
  • EWM Quality Management
  • Value Added services
  • Counting in EWM
  • EWM Quality Management
  • Put away quantity classification

8) Goods Issue and Outbound process

  • Goods Issue process
  • Outbound Delivery Processing
  • EWM Documents
  • Storage control in Outbound Processing
  • Stock / storage Removal Strategies
  • Pick Denial/Handling Differences in Picking
  • Batch Management
  • Using Pack specification Condition records management
  • Wave processing
  • Replenishment

9) Storage Control

  • Storage Control Concepts
  • Process-oriented Storage Control
  • Layout-oriented Storage Control

10) Warehouse Order Creation

  • Warehouse Order Creation

11) Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment

  • Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
  • Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishment

12) Physical Inventory

  • The Physical Inventory Process
  • EWM Physical Inventory Procedures

13) Slotting and Rearrangement

  • Slotting and Rearrangement

14) Post Processing Framework (PPF)

  • Overview of Post Processing Framework (PPF)
  • PPF in Delivery Processing

15) Material Flow System

  • Material Flow Systems configuration
  • Process & Layout Oriented SC
  • PPF & Printing Conditions Records in EWM

16) Labor Management

  • Labor Management Overview
  • Config

17) Yard Management

  • Introduction to yard management and Usage

18) Serial Management in EWM system

  • Inventory Level
  • Bin Level
  • Warehouse Level

19) Cross Docking in EWM system

  • Opportunistic Cross Docking
  • Transportation Cross docking

20) PP Integration

21) EWM to ERP Integration and Issue Handling

22) SPP and other modules integration

23) Important BAdi and User Exits

24) Warehouse Cockpit

25) Kiiting in EWM system

  • Kit to order
  • Kit to stock
  • Reverse Kitting

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