SAP ESS-MSS Online Training

SAP ESS – SAP Employee Self Service is an web enabled tool used to update their own datas by the employee itself.

SAP MSS - SAP Manager Self Service is an web enabled tool used for Managers to take report or update the datas of subordinate. To implement LEAVE REQUEST & APPROVAL, both SAP ESS and SAP MSS are not mandatory. But ESSis required.However this functionality is developed to be avaialable in MSS also if a client wants have bothESS and MSS. Without MSS, the business flow of Leave request would be in ESS is like this:

1. An employee wants to take two weeks of leave. He or she accesses the Leave Request Web application. He or she sees in the Team Calendar that other team members also have leave at the same time. Nonetheless, he or she requests leave for the planned period.

2. The leave requires approval. The system automatically determines the approver responsible and lists the name in the Web application. If required, the employee can overwrite the name of the approver.

SAP ESS-MSS Course Content:

SAP Employee & Manager Self Service

1. Navigation in the Enterprise Portal and Business Packages

  • Introduction to the Enterprise Portal
  • Portal Content-Business Packages

2. ESS Services in the BP for ESS

  • What is ESS used for?
  • Overview of the ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
  • Selected ESS Services in the Enterprise Portal
  • Different ESS Releases in the Enterprise Portal

3. Setting up the Enterprise Portal

  • System Structure
  • Roles in the ERP System
  • Roles and Objects in the EP

4. User Management

  • User administration in ERP
  • User Administration in the Enterprise Portal

5. Customizing ESS Applications

  • Homepage Framework Customizing
  • Customizing Who's Who Application
  • Customizing Applications for Time Management
  • Career and Job

6. Team Viewer

  • Object and Data Provider
  • Principles of the Team Viewer
  • Customizing the team Viewer

7. Employee Information

  • Using the employee information Pages
  • Modifying the Employee Information Pages
  • Example Business Scenarios

8. Attendance Overview and Team Calendar

  • Attendance Overview
  • Team Calendar

9. Personnel Change Requests

  • PCR Overview
  • PCR Concept
  • Interactive Adobe Forms
  • PCR Customizing
  • ISR Customizing for PCR
  • Workflow Connection
  • PCR Status Tracking
  • Alternatively: PCRs using HCM Processes and Forms

10. Reporting

  • Reporting concept
  • MDT and MSS
  • Reporting Customzing

11. Enterprise Compensation Management

  • Compensation Planning
  • Using the Team Viewer in the Compensation workset
  • Overview of iViews in Compensation Planning

12. Performance Management, Competency Management and Reminder of dates

  • Performance Management
  • Competency Management
  • Reminder of Dates

13. Quota Planning

  • Quota Planning-Process
  • Quota Planning
  • Transferring Headcount
  • Customizing for Quota Planning
  • Follow-Up Activities

14. Cross Application Time Sheet

  • Approving Working Times Recorded in CATS
  • Customizing the Approval Process

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