SAP EM (Event Management) Online Training

Expertsoft Trainings provides SAP EM Online Training with certified experienced IT professionals who has more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainers has good training experience on SAP Event Management so that best quality output will be delivered. Our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given Daily/Weekly at your convenience. We also allow you to record the classes from your end so that you can refer the classes once again when ever is required.

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SAP EM Training | SAP EM 9.0 Training | SAP EM Online Training

1) Content

  • What is SAP Event Management
  • What does SAP EM fit to overall solution landscape
  • SAP EM concepts
  • Benefits of SAP EM
  • History of SAP EM

2) Components of SAP EM

  • Core service of SAP EM
  • Deployment option
  • Sizing
  • SAP EM realeases
  • SAP EM application interface
  • Non SAP application system
  • Visibility process
  • SAP EM web service

3) Overview on Event Handler

  • Events ( expected, unexpected)
  • Event codes
  • Rule sets
  • Parameters
  • SAP EM reports
  • Status retrieval
  • Alert framework
  • Archiving overview

4) SAP EM Integration with Transportation Management-Shipper Scenario

  • SAP EM event handlers and event messages
  • How events are updated between SAP TM-EM
  • Example scenarios delivered with TM
  • SAP EM application interface in SAP TM
  • SAP TM operations
  • SAP TM development overview

5) SAP EM Integration with TM - LSP Scenario

  • SAP EM event handlers and event messages
  • How events are updated between SAP TM-EM
  • Example scenarios delivered with TM

6) SAP EM Integratioin with TM - Additional Scenarios

  • Event based Charging with overview on charge management process
  • Resource based tracking

7) SAP EM Integration with Procurement to Pay Scenario

  • SAP EM event handlers amd event messages
  • How events are updated between SAP ECC-EM
  • Example scenarios delivered with ECC
  • SAP EM application interface in SAP ECC
  • SAP TM operations

8) SAP EM Monitoring Tools

  • Web user intertface
  • Authorization and filters

9) Production Operations Guideline

  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Security and roles consideration

10) SAP EM useful Transaction

  • SAP EM development operational guidelines
  • SAP EM configuration guidelines
  • Tips and tricks
  • Useful OSS notes

11) Overview of SAP EM Integration with GTS

  • Overview of SAP EM integration with Analytics
  • Overview of SAP EM integration with sales scenario

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  • Trainers are certified professionals with 10+ years of experience