SAP Datawarhouse Cloud Training | SAP DataSphere Training

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Training Content

Module 1: Introduction to SAP (DWC)

Topic 1: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Topic 2: The Data Layer

Topic 3: The Semantic Layer

Topic 4: The Business Catalogue

Topic 5: Organize your Data with Spaces

Topic 6: Combine Data from Different Sources

Topic 7: Explain landscape architecture-relevant terms

Topic 8: Explain SAP Leonardo

Module 2: Infrastructure and Database Services in Platform-as-a-Service

Topic 1: Introduction to Platform-as-a-Service

Topic 2: Performing a Deep Dive into PaaS

Topic 3: Explore the PaaS infrastructure

Topic 4: Data and Storage in PaaS

Topic 5: Development and IT Operations Services

Topic 6: Explore the internet of things (IoT)

Topic 7: Explain Mobile Services

Topic 8: Use Runtime and Containers

Module 3: Data Warehousing Services

Topic 1: Data Transformation and Harmonization

Topic 2: Data transformation modelling across all sources

Topic 3: ELT / ETL Process Support

Topic 4: Scheduling functionality

Topic 5: Process Monitoring

Topic 6: Data Auditing Functionalities

Topic 7: Governed data changes

Topic 8: Slowly changing dimensions

Topic 9: Inventory management

Module 4: SAP HANA

Topic 1: SAP HANA and VORA

Topic 2: SAP Digital Boardroom

Topic 3: SAP Net Weaver

Topic 4: Success Factors

Module 5: Security Services

Topic 1: Data Anonymization

Topic 2: Protect Personal or Sensitive Information

Topic 3: Structured Approach to Modifying Data for Privacy Protection while Keeping the Data

Topic 4: Sufficient for meaningful Analysis

Topic 5: Leverage SAP HANA Cloud k-Anonymity and differential Privacy Features

Topic 6: Data Masking

Topic 7: Row-level Security

Module 6: Consumption

Topic 1: Built-In SAP Analytics Cloud Integration

Topic 2: SAP Analytics Cloud Story Builder and Data Explorer

Topic 3: SQL Interface

Module 7: Project Implementation -1

Topic 1: Daily Sales Reporting Data Warehousing Project- Corporate Food Store company, which is one of the companies that sell a different amount of products every day.

Module 8: Project Implementation -2

Topic 1: End-to-end lifecycle management of customer data- The End-of-Purpose (EoP) test for business data has a sturdy command of SAP Information Lifecycle Management (ILM).

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