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SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) CAPM Cloud Training Content

Module 1: SAP BTP Introduction

Topic 1: BTP Overview

Topic 2: What is Global Account, Subaccount, Directories in BTP

Topic 3: Tenants and Cloud Foundry in BTP

Topic 4: What is Service Market Place in BTP

Topic 5: Instances, Subscriptions ,HTML Applications in BTP

Topic 6: What are Connectivity and Security in BTP

Module 2: Multitenancy In BTP

Topic 1: What is Multitenancy in BTP

Topic 2: Single Tenant and Multitenant in BTP

Topic 3: Analogy of Multitenancy from Real life in BTP

Topic 4: Benefits of Multitenancy

Topic 5: Overview of Single Tenant, Multi Tenant App in BTP

Topic 6: BTP Components/Services Required to Run a Multitenant App

Topic 7: Tenant Identification by Multitenant App

Module 3: Security In BTP

Topic 1: Overview of Security in BTP

Topic 2: Identity Provider in BTP

Topic 3: SAP ID Service in BTP

Topic 4: SAP Cloud Identity Authentication service (IAS) Service in BTP

Topic 5: What is XSUAA and App Router in BTP

Topic 6: What is OAuth, SAML in BTP

Module 4: Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM) In BTP

Topic 1: Core Data Services Overview.

Topic 2: What is CAPM and What Value Does It Bring

Topic 3: Design principles in CAPM

Topic 4: How Does CAPM Simplifies Development

Topic 5: What is Golden Path and Key Qualities and Benefits in CAPM

Topic 6: Data Modelling in CAPM

Topic 7: Entities, Views, Associations, Aspects, Types, Service Definitions, Postfix Projections, Path Expressions, Style Cast, Excluding Clause in CAPM

Topic 8: Domain Modelling in CAPM

Topic 9: Best Practices, Naming Conventions, Using Namespaces, Simple and Flat Structures

Topic 10: Reuse Model in CAPM

Topic 11: Common aspects, Managed, temporal, aspects in CAPM

Topic 12: Generic Capabilities in CAPM

Topic 13: Auto-exclude, Auto Expose, eTag, CRUD Constraint Checks, Read, Create, Update, Delete Capabilities and Field Validations in CAPM

Topic 14: Connecting to SQL and Hana Data using CAPM in BTP

Topic 15: ODATA in CAPM

Topic 16: Domain Model, Persistence Models, Services, Consumers in ODATA in CAPM

Topic 17: RESTful APIs, SAP Fiori UI in CAPM

Module 5: Cloud Application Programming Model (CAPM) In BTP

Topic 1: Fiori Elements, UI Annotations, Filtering, Crud Operations, Drafts, Entities using CAPM

Topic 2: Localizations, Localized Data, Internationalization and Localized data – Under the hood in CAPM

Topic 3: Develop List Report Object Page Applications in CAPM and implement CRUD Operations using UI Annotations

Topic 4: Authorizations and Authentication in CAPM

Topic 5: Security and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model.

Topic 6: Security Model, Restrict, Requires, Predefined Roles in CAPM

Topic 7: Event Handling and How to Implement Custom Handlers in CAPM

Topic 8: How to Querying API, Messaging API, Event Handling and Construct the API in CAPM

Topic 9: How to Implement before, after, on Event Handlers in CAPM

Topic 10: How to Implement Request Object and Register Event Handlers in CAPM

Topic 11: Introduction to CDS APIs and Run CDS Query Language by Implementing INSERT,UPDATE and DELETE in CAPM

Topic 12: How to Implement Functions in CAPM

Topic 13: How to Implement Actions in CAPM

Topic 14: Debugging Fiori UI Application in CAPM

Module 6: Node.js

Topic 1: Introduction of Node.js

Topic 2: Installation of Node.js

Topic 3: Node.js Module System

Topic 4: Importing own Files, Importing NPM Module, Print Colour, Node Module in Node.js.

Topic 5: File System and Commons Line Args in Node.js

Topic 6: Getting Input From Users, Argument Parsing , Storing Data with JSON, Adding Note, Removing Note, Arrow Functions, Listing Notes, Reading a Notes in Node.js

Topic 7: Debugging Techniques using Node.js.

Topic 8: Console.log, Node Debugger, Node inspect in Node.js, Error Messages Debugging Techniques

Topic 9: Asynchronous Nodejs

Topic 10: Call Stack, Call Queue and Event Loop in Node.js

Topic 11: HTTP and Customizing request in Node.js

Topic 12: Handling Errors in Node.js

Topic 13: Call Back Function in Node.js

Topic 14: Call Back Abstraction in Node.js

Module 7: Java Script

Topic 1: Introduction to Java Script

Topic 2: Data Types, Variables Declarations

Topic 3: Java Script Operators, Strings, Events

Topic 4: Java Script Function and Parameters, Arrays

Topic 5: if , Nested if, While, Do While, For Loop, For In Loop and Switch Statements in Java Script

Topic 6: Java Script forms, Events, Validations, Operations

Topic 7: Java Script Regular Expressions, Objects, Properties and Methods

Topic 8: LET, Constants, Arrow Functions , Promise in Java Scripts

Topic 9: Symbol Type, Default Parameter, Function Rest Parameter, String Includes in Java Script

Topic 10: Array From, Array Keys, Array Find, Find Index in Java Script

Topic 11: Find Index , Object Entries ,Import in Java Script

Topic 12: Iterate Over String and Array, Iterators, Asynch, Sequence Control in Java Script

Topic 13: Call Back, Waiting for Time out, Set Time Out and Set Interval in Java Script

Topic 14: Java Scrip Call Back, Promises, Aynch, Await in Java Script

Module 8: SAP FIORI (SAP Build Work Zone Service in BTP)

Topic 1: Introduction to SAP FIORI

Topic 2: SAP Fiori Design Principles

Topic 3: Installation Overview & Tasks

Topic 4: SAP UX strategy relating to SAP Fiori

Topic 5: SAP Fiori Architecture and Technology (App Types, Architecture structure/details, hardware & software requirements).

Topic 6: Launchpad Overview and functions

Topic 7: SAP Fiori Launchpad and SAP Fiori  Launchpad Designer

Topic 8: Launchpad Designer Overview and configuration (Semantic Object, Action)

Topic 9: SAP Fiori Security.

Topic 10: PFCG Roles Assignment to Business and Technical Users to access SAP FIORI App’s.

Topic 11: Theme Designer Overview and Configuration

Topic 12: Creating Tiles, Catalog, Group, Roles for adding Application to Fiori.


1. Real Time Project Development in CAPM,Node.js, Java Script ,Fiori , Fiori Elements after the completion of the Training.

2. Study Material will be provided on CAPM, Node.js ,Java Script ,Fiori , Fiori Elements.

3. Developing CAPM Applications in SAP Business Application Studio in Business Application Studio(BAS) in BTP.

4. Exercises on based on the topic which was covered on that week.

5. Interview Questions and Answers on CAPM, Fiori , Fiori Elements.



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