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Overview and Concepts

  • Over view of SAP R/3
  • Necessity of SAP BW
  • Versions of SAP BW
  • Over view of SAP BW
  • OLAP and OLTP
  • Data Ware Housing Concepts
  • Landscape of SAP BW
  • Homogeneous + Heterogeneous
  • Integration of BW system with different systems
  • ERM + MDM + Star Schema
  • Extended Star Schema

Architecture of SAP BWb

Objects in SAP BW

  • Info Area + Info Objects Catalogs
  • Characteristics
  • Key Figures-Cumulative and Non Cumulative
  • PSA + Transfer Structure/Data Source
  • Transfer Rules
  • Info Sources/Communication Structure
  • ODS + Info Cubes
  • Types of Info Cubes + Update Rules

Data loading using flat files

  • Master data + Attributes data
  • Texts data + Hierarchies’ data
  • Transactions data + Delta data loading

Data filtration techniques

  • Transfer rules level
  • Update rules level
  • Start routines

SAP BI 7.0

Business Intelligence Concepts and Overview

Modeling: Data warehousing workbench
  • Components of Data Warehousing workbench
  • InfoObjects + DataSources
  • Types of DSOs + DataSources Repository
  • Migration of 3.*DataSources and recovery of 3.*


  • Differences between ODS(Operational Data Store) and DSO
  • Data Loading: Master Data
  • Attributes Datas Loading using flat files in BI 7.0
  • Texts Datas Loading using flat files in BI 7.0
  • Hierarchies Data Loading in 3.*
  • Concepts on Transformations
  • Controlling the Data flow with Info Packages

Data Transfer Process(DTPs)

  • Data flow concepts in SAP BI 7.0
  • Transactions Data Loading in BI 7.0
  • Flat files data loading to Info Cubes
  • Flat files data loading to DSO
  • Delta loading to Info Cube Via DSO


  • Standard + Direct
  • Write Optimized


  • Creating Transformations
  • Types of Transformations

Routines at Transactions

  • Field Level Routines + Start Routines
  • End Routines + Expert Routines

BEx Query Desinger

  • Introduction to BEx Query designer
  • Filters in the query
  • Characteristic Restrictions
  • Rows and Columns
  • Free Characteristics
  • Formulas –Calculated KeyFigures
  • New Selection-Restricted KeyFigures
  • Structure + Hierarchies
  • Attributes + Navigational Attributes
  • Variables + Text Variables
  • Characteristics Variables
  • Different Types of Variables
  • Conditions + Exceptions
  • Cell Definitions
  • Report to Report Interface(RRI)
  • How to use replacement path and customer exit


  • Customer exit Programs
  • Properties of the Components

Web Application Desingner

  • Creating Web Template
  • Web Items
  • Properties of Web Template
  • Table + Text Elements
  • Generic Navigation Block
  • Drop down boxes
  • Radio Buttons and Check boxes
  • Filters + List of Exceptions
  • Conditions + Integrating with the charts
  • Ad-hoc Query designer

Business Explorer Analyzer

  • Introduction to BEx Analyzer
  • Filters in BEx Analyzer
  • Drag and Drop Function
  • Various functions used in Analyzer
  • Creating New Workbook

Demo project

Types of Project

  • Project Preparation + Blue print phase
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Functional Spec design
  • Technical Spec Design
  • AS IS Process
  • Unit testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Final preparation
  • Cutover activities

Up-gradation Project

  • Up-gradation check list
  • Activities to be performed during up-gradation

Enhancement to the existing Implementation

  • Activities in enhancement to existing

Implementation project

Support Project

  • Various support activities
  • Handling Tickets
  • Support issues/errors
  • Resolving support issues

Advanced Topics in BI 7.0

  • Modeling/Remodeling
  • Partitioning/Repartitioning
  • Data Mart
  • Open Hub Destinations
  • SAP-BO

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