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ExpertSoft Trainings provides SAP Basis Online Training with certified experienced IT professionals who has more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainers has good training experience so that best quality output will be delivered. Our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given Daily/Weekly at your convenience. We also allow you to record the classes from your end so that you can refer the classes once again when ever is required. We provide the Latest Version System Access with very good speed and 24*7 Support as well. We provide classes through online by using Gotomeeting and Webex Systems.

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1) Installing and Configuring SAP

  • How to Install SAP?
  • System Requirements
  • Pre and Post Installation Configurations

2) Fundamentals of SAP System Administration

  • Tasks of System Administrator
  • Guiding Principles of System Administrator

3) SAP System Administration

  • Starting and Stopping the SAP System.
  • Instances and Operation Modes
  • Maintaining Profile Parameters
  • Specific Monitoring Transactions
  • System Messages
  • Connections (RFC, SAP Gateway, SAP Connect etc.)
  • Client Administration (Creating, Copying, Deleting Clients)


  • Installing Configuring and brief description about SAP GUI

5) System Monitoring

  • CCMS Alert Monitor
  • System Monitor with the Standard CCMS Alert Monitor
  • Auto Reaction Methods

6) Scheduled Tasks

  • Critical Tasks
  • Daily Tasks
  • Weekly Tasks
  • Monthly Tasks
  • Quarterly Tasks
  • Annual Tasks

7) Backup and Restore

  • What has to be Saved?
  • Backup Types
  • Backup Strategy
  • Restore Strategy

8) Security Administration

  • What is Security?
  • Security Levels
  • Safeguarding the SAP System
  • Audits
  • Auditing Tools

9) Performance

  • Short Term Remedy of Performance Problems
  • Detailed Analysis of Performance Problems
  • Analysis at Other Levels

10) User Administration

  • Creating New User
  • Copying Existing User
  • Maintaining Users
  • Mass User Administration
  • Central User Administration

11) Authorization Management

  • Authorization Check Process
  • Authorization Roles
  • Authorization Profiles
  • Authorization Management

12) Background Processing

  • Creating Background Jobs
  • Monitoring Background Jobs

13) Change and Transport Management

  • General Notes on Change Management
  • Transporting Objects
  • Direct Table Maintenance

14) System Maintenance

  • SAP Supporting Packages
  • SAP Notes
  • Kernel Updates
  • SAPM and SAINT
  • Installing Add-ons

15) Diagnostic and Trouble Shooting

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  • Training courses are designed as per the current industry standards
  • After training complication candidate can go for certification exams
  • Trainers are certified professionals with 10+ years of experience