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SAP ARIBA Cloud Training | SAP ARIBA Cloud Corporate Training

SAP ARIBA Cloud Online Training | SAP ARIBA Corporate Training


Module 1: ERP Ariba- Overview

Topic 1: Ariba Cloud System Architecture

Topic 2: Product Evaluation in Ariba

Topic 3: Ariba Network Overview

Topic 4: Solution Bundles in Ariba

Topic 5: Basic Navigation and Self-Service Menu


Module 2: Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP)

Topic 1: SLP vs SIPM

Topic 2: Supplier Request

Topic 3: Supplier Registration

Topic 4: Supplier Qualification


Module 3: Ariba Sourcing

Topic 1: Ariba Sourcing- Overview

Topic 2: Event Management: Creating RFI, RFP, and Auctions

Topic 3: Advance features in Sourcing such as working with Excel

Topic 4: Award Scenarios and Awarding Sourcing Event

Topic 5: Full cycle of Bidding Process

Topic 6: Bidding Rules setup

Topic 7: Supplier Invitation


Module 4: Ariba Contracts

Topic 1: Ariba Contracts: Overview

Topic 2: Integration with Ariba Sourcing

Topic 3: Ariba Contract Management: Creating Contracts

Topic 4: Hierarchy Type

Topic 5: Contracts Attributes

Topic 6: Contract Release Order

Topic 7: Contract-based invoice


Module 5: Ariba Downstream- Procurement

Topic 1: Ariba Procurement- Overview

Topic 2: The Request-to-Receive Flow

Topic 3: Non – PO based Invoice

Topic 4: Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval

Flow, PO, GR, invoice, Payment)

Topic 5: Ariba Procurement: Creating and Managing Invoices

Topic 6: Invoice: Different Types


Module 6: Ariba Guided Buying

Topic 1: About Ariba guided buying

Topic 2: Landing Pages and tiles

Topic 3: Full End to End Procurement Process (PR, Approval

Flow, PO, GR, invoice, Payment)


Module 7: Reporting

Topic 1: Customization & Configuration

Topic 2: Scheduling Background job

Topic 3: Personal vs public workspace


Module 8: Integration

Topic 1: Integration Overview

Topic 2: Integration Landscape

Topic 3: Data integration methods

Topic 4: Integration Manager & Configurations

Topic 5: Ariba Integration with CIG

Topic 6: CIG usage Scenario

Topic 7: Full End to End integration cycle of RFQ or SLP

Topic 8: Template Management & Configurations

Topic 9: Sourcing template & contract template configuration

Topic 10: Set-up bidding rules

Topic 11: Condition set-up to display documents

Topic 12: Display of document

Topic 13: Project group vs system groups

Topic 14: Approval rule set-up

Topic 15: Task assignment

Topic 16: Team set-up

Topic 17: Approval workflow Configurations

Topic 18: Serial approval configuration

Topic 19: Parallel approval configuration

Topic 20: Custom approval configuration

Topic 21: How to assign workflow

Topic 22: Site Manager & Configurations

Topic 23: About site manager


Module 9: Administration and Core Administration

Topic 1: Initial data upload such as purchasing a unit

Topic 2: How to verify the upload data

Topic 3: User Management & Configurations

Topic 4: Creation of New User

Topic 5: Delegation of authority

Topic 6: Creation of Groups

Topic 7: Purchasing unit assignment

Topic 8: Catalog Manager & Configurations

Topic 9: Creation of catalog item

Topic 10: Catalog Validation

Topic 11: Error debug

Topic 12: Catalog view restriction

Topic 13: P2P Manager & Configurations

Topic 14: Invoice Exception types

Topic 15: About receiving types

Topic 16: Project Manager

Topic 17: Process steps during migration of Legacy Contract to ERP Ariba

Topic 18: Supplier Manager

Topic 19: Supplier set-up for purchasing

Topic 20: Concept of partitioned supplier

Topic 21: How to set up partitioned supplier


Module 10: Ariba Supplier Network

Topic 1: AN Supplier overview

Topic 2: Sourcing and Proposals

Topic 3: Light account and Full use Account

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