SAP ARIBA CIG Cloud Training | SAP ARIBA CIG Online Training


SAP ARIBA Cloud Integration Gateway (CIG) Training Content

Module 1: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway

Topic 1: Getting Started with CIG

Topic 2: Introduction to CIG Add-On

Topic 3: Cloud Connector

Module 2: Configuring SAP Ariba CIG Add-On

Topic 1: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Add-On Global Settings

Topic 2: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Add-On General Settings

Module 3: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Configuration and Test Tools

Topic 1: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Configuration

Topic 2: Test Tools

Module 4: Managing Customization

Topic 1: Custom Mapping Tool

Topic 2: Content-Based Routing

Topic 3: Add-On Customization Overview

Module 5: SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway Administration Overview

Topic 1: CIG Overview

Module 6: Master Data Integration, MDNI, and SLP

Topic 1: Common Master Data Integration

Topic 2: Sourcing Master Data Integration

Topic 3: Procurement Master Data Integration

Topic 4: MDNI: Master Data Native Integration

Topic 5: Supplier Lifecycle Performance (SLP) Integration

Module 7: Ariba Network Integration

Topic 1: IDOC Overview

Topic 2: Purchase Order Flow

Topic 3: Invoice Flow

Topic 4: Proxy Flows

Module 8: SAP Ariba Applications Integration

Topic 1: Sourcing Transactions Integration

Topic 2: Procurement Transactions Integration

Topic 3: Import ERP Initiated Purchase Requisition

Topic 4: Stock Availability and Reservation

Module 9: Migration, Multiple ANIDs, and More

Topic 1: Migration

Topic 2: Connecting with Multiple an Accounts

Topic 3: Data Migration Across SAP Landscapes

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