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Course Content :

1) WebDynpro Framework / Architecture

  • WebDynpro Introduction
  • WD4J Vs WD4A
  • Component Architecture
  • Component Entities
  • Views / Windows / Interface Views / Component Controller / Applications
  • Relation b/w Component Entities
  • Data Binding
  • Plugs at View level and Plugs at Window Levels
  • Inbound Plugs / Outbound Plugs
  • Navigation Link
  • View Assemblys / Nested Views / Navigation b/w views
  • Default View in a Component
  • Multiple windows
  • Context Mapping
  • Internal Context Mapping / External Context Mapping
  • WebDynpro Application / Creation of Multiple Applications

2) Application Execution Cycle

3) URL Parameters

4) FQDN Settings

5) Faceless Components

6) Service maintenance

7) WebDynpro Controllers

  • View controller
  • Window Controller
  • Component Controller
  • Interface Controller
  • Custom Controller

8) Services of each Controller Hook Methods and Attributes of each Controllers

9) WebDynpro ABAP Tools

  • Webdynpro Code Wizard and its different options
  • Layout Editor
  • Working with Layouts

10) Different layouts

  • Flow Layout / Grid Layout / Matrixs Layout / Row Layout

11) UI Elements

  • Caption / Page Header / Input Fields / Text Views / Text Edit / Check box / Radio Buttons / Buttons / Button Rows / Images / Table / Message Area / Group / Transparent Container / Tray / View Container UI Elements / List Box
  • Drop down by Index / Drop down by key / Radio Button By Index / Radio Button by Key

12) Design Time Context

  • Understanding the Meaning of Node and Element
  • Working with multiple Nodes and/or Attributes
  • Working with properties of Nodes and/or Attributes

13) Role of Data Binding

  • Binding the UI elements to Nodes and/or Attributes

14) Kind of methods in Controllers

  • Normal Methods
  • Event Handler Methods
  • Supply Functions

15) Working the Multiple Views

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