SAP Real Estate Management Online Training

SAP Real Estate Management is a full-featured, integrated application for managing all types of real estate - giving you better control of and greater insight into your real estate portfolio. Addressing a variety of industry-specific requirements, the application supports all phases of the life cycle of real estate assets, including the acquisition or disposal of real estate, management of the real estate portfolio itself, property and technical management, as well as support processes like management accounting and reporting. 

Seamless Integration of SAP Real Estate and Corporate ERP Systems SAP Real Estate Management is closely integrated with the financials and logistics functions of SAP ERP software - providing seamless integration between leasing transactions and your current accounting, controlling, maintenance, and reporting functions

SAP REFX Course Overview 

System navigation
General ledger accounting
Accounts payable business processes
Accounts receivable business processes
Asset accounting business processes
Bank-related accounting business processes
Financial statement creation business processes
Project Management
Portfolio Management
Lease Administration
Financial Integration
Document Management / Graphical Integration
Space Management
Move Management
Facility Management
Real estate master data (architecture and usage), Business partner master data

Contract management (Real Estate Search, Real Estate Contract, Conditions, condition purpose, calculation methods)

Real Estate Financials (Account determination, flow types, invoice creation, Option rate determination, Correction items, Input tax distribution)

Adjusting conditions (Free and Index-based condition adjustment, Sales-based rent settlement, other & country-specific condition adjustment methods)

Complex service charge settlement methods

Corporate use scenarios (Occupancy Planning, Reservation, Move Management, Internal CO billing, FASB 13 support)

Reporting (Business Intelligence integration)

Integration (CO integration, Enterprise Asset Management integration, Project system integration, PS-CD (FI-CA) integration, Funds management integration)

Tools (correspondence, BDT, data transfer, BAdI, BAPI and ESA Services usage, Migration programs for former product version, Workflow integration, Microsoft Outlook integration, document management)

Country specifics (further localization features (AT, CH, IT, JP, IN), Withholding tax, contained in appendix, but not required course content. Instructor Guide will indicate which slides and appendices to use for which content.