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The SAP NetWeaver Portal is the Web front-end of SAP NetWeaver. It provides your organization with a single point of access to enterprise applications, information repositories, databases and services, all integrated into a single user experience. With its role-based content and personalization features, the portal enables users, from employees and customers to partners and suppliers, to focus exclusively on data relevant to their daily tasks.

In addition to its content creation and administration tools, the portal provides a collection of APIs that enable application developers to do the following:

  • Develop applications that take advantage of portal functionality and services.

    For example, you can add to your application portal navigation features, or change the way the application is displayed in the portal.
  • Access portal content and objects from within a Web Dynpro or Java EE application.

This guide, designed for anyone developing applications that run in the portal, contains the following sections:

  • Concepts

           Introduces the main architectural concepts of the portal, as well as technologies and tools available for developing portal applications.

  • Tasks

           Provides detailed instructions on how to perform the main application development tasks.

  • Reference

          Describes in detail various technologies and tools.

  • Tutorials

          Guides you through the steps necessary to create simple and advanced applications for the portal.

All sections are enhanced by code samples and snippets illustrating the usage of APIs.