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The Energy Data Management (SAP IS-U-EDM) component is fully integrated into the SAP IS-U system and can be installed in an existing SAP IS-U system as a new component. SAP IS-U-EDM is also integrated into Intercompany Data Exchange (SAP IS-U-IDE). This component allows for data exchange in standardized formats and enables the integration of cross-company business processes. SAP IS-U-EDM allows you to bill profiles in SAP IS-U. Profiles are prepared in SAP IS-U-EDM and transferred to SAP IS-U billing via an internal interface. This allows you to bill new types of contracts, such as spot purchases.

SAP IS-U-EDM also interfaces with automated meter reading systems.


Energy Data Management covers the following areas:

Central database for energy data (Energy Data Repository)

Settlement and scheduling using the settlement workbench

Billing profiles using Real-Time-Pricing Billing


Importing Profile Values

You can import profile values using a standard interface as follows:

Using BAPIs of type ISUPROFILE.Upload (IDoc of type ISUPROFILE_UPLOAD1 )

Using BAPIs of type MSCONS

You can monitor the profile value import


Profile Display and Editing

Microsoft® Excel has been integrated into IS-U-EDM via an OLE (object linking and embedding) interface.This interface allows you to:

Display profile values in Microsoft® Excel.

Change profile values in Excel and save the changes in an Excel file.

Export profile values (including status) from SAP IS-U-EDM to an Excel file and edit them at your workstation.

Import elementary profile values (including status) from an Excel file into SAP IS-U-EDM. 

The system performs predefined consistency checks during the import process.