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SAP ISU-CRM Online Training 

Business drivers

  • Deregulated market environment creates new challenges for company to target and attract new customer groups.
  • Call Center capabilities are necessary to increase customer convenience through additional interaction channels. 
  • Optimized support of the complete sales cycle eases  daily business. Analytical capabilities enable  to optimize the customer relationship to your most attractive customer group. 
  • System integration reduces your TCO.

The SAP industry strategy for Utilities

  •  Seamless integration of utility specific processes across system borders tailored to the needs of your customers. 

Utility Industry Challenges Addressed by mySAP CRM

  1. Interaction center solution
  • Provide integrated utility specific processes in the areas of marketing, sales, and service around  customers 
  • Increase customer convenience through additional interaction channels.
  • Enable valuable and long lasting customer relationships.

      2. Opportunity management and sales methodology  

  • Create opportunities, including sales methodology, to streamline complete sales cycle Provide an integrated view to all relevant sales data to  sales agents. 

      3. Cross system contract management 

  • Create and maintain utility contracts based on multiple information sources and products 
  • Include sales, marketing, and analytical information 

      4. Quotation for utility contracts 

  • Always quote the latest prices to your commercial and industrial, chain, and clustered customers 
  • Calculate prices based on customers’ consumption behavior (load profiles), grid usage conditions, and sales costs 

      5. Key account manager portal

  •  Provide an “easy-to-use” Web-based user interface to gather and manage all kinds of information for key account managers

  • Include information from various SAP and non-SAP systems in a highly personalized environment.