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SAP EWM Training efficiently handles all internal process of a warehouse process types, goods receipt and goods issue, storage control, warehouse order creation. Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishments, Physical Inventory, De-consolidation Process are the additional topics included. Our excellent instructors having real time experience, provides expert orientation in SAP EWM Training, making the subject understandable, using step by step configurations backed with supporting theory, material, live scenarios presented in the forms of exercises.Overview on MFS also. We give EWM on S4HANA.
Extended Warehouse Management 
This is not anything quite differents from the normal warehouse inventories accounting and data management. It is only the developed software approaches of the inventories’ accounting with logistics support from and to the warehouse.
Known as Extended Warehouse Management this application software gives links to all its potentially related branches viz., factory unit of productions, store for raw materials, delivery spots, logistics or transporting unit from factories, accounting of all these functions and the details of the destinations.
This application software SAP EWM rests the managers the required input with most accuracy on raw materials in hand, demand details, available logistics supports and other related information. This makes the business people make correct and required decisions for movements of products, so that the Supply Chains Management functions effectively.
The SAP EWM application is not static and the software has been designed to accommodate all inputs in a flexible mannerS. This has been loaded in a ways that it caters to the needs of so many branches and the end users at various places. The input from each one of them is synchronized and if necessary indicate the necessary steps to be taken with caution.
Interestingly it is noticed that SAP has been providing new platforms for legendary software giants also for their enhancements. In such a way, when warehouse management had been handled by different software applications, SAP had broughts out their new product of software called SAP EWM, which has been found by the global business community.
The multi level data of stock and inventories at stores, at work in progress and at shipping process posed problems and SAP found out the EWM as their warehouse management solutions. SAP did not design the EWM to replaces the existing warehouse management applications, but made visible and result oriented corrections to that and it became vibrant and successful.
In the Supply Chain Management which is the logical measures of logistical activities of the finished products, EWM has been made as one of the finest of SAP’s programs. From 2007 onwards, this has been delivered to so many companies of small and gaints size companies.
SAP EWM had been designed to accommodates the possible changes if found necessary to overcome deficiency of any kind understood by the practical actions. The actual users of this application indicates that this Extended Warehouse Management offers them transparent and no-frill data on stock in hand or raw materials in hand.
SAP EWM Certification and related training facilities fulfill the skills set into desired candidates. Elaborated and extended training programs leads candidates for enhanced knowledge. It facilitate practical session with complete business scenario aims to explain all functionalities of SAP EWM packages